About Me

About Me

Hello sweet sisters! I’m Stephanie — a woman who has been healed from debilitating depression, healed from cancer (twice) and made completely new through a relationship with Jesus. And I can’t help myself but shout it from the rooftops for all the world to hear and know!

I spend most of my days in Amarillo, Texas with my husband, Ron of 29 years. We have an empty nest, but enjoy hanging out with our adult children, Madelyn & her husband Chris and Thomas & his special girl, Amanda. We adore our sweet grand babies, Dayton, Daniel and Nadine.

I really enjoy coffee, but only in the mornings. My idea of stress relief is a good walk in the sun, playing the piano or reading a book on my back patio. I love the ocean…everything about it brings me joy and peace…and the nearest one is over 1,000 miles away, so I don’t get there as often as I would like. Music speaks to the deep parts of my soul. My biggest dream is to know and love Jesus more, I could get lost in His Word for hours and hours every day if time permitted. I often wonder if there will be a need to study the Bible and teach Bible study in heaven…I’m hoping we still will. ­čÖé

About Living in Freedom Today (LIFT)

This ministry was birthed in my heart by God so many years ago that I honestly can’t even remember when He gave me the idea. I’m a procrastinator and though I’m sure not proud of that fact, God never gave up on me or the LIFT ministry.

I became a Jesus follower in my middle 20’s and although He made me a new creation at that time, I still continued to struggle with terrible depression. The kind that would keep me from getting out of bed for days. Through a journey of years, God taught me and guided me out of the depths of depression and I have been completely healed since 2005.

Healing — it’s a theme you will find here. And freedom. Through God’s healing in my life, I have found a freedom that I could not have even imagined years ago. And my heart’s desire is that you experience┬áthat healing and freedom too. That’s why I am spending my time, setting aside my fears, and sharing my life openly and honestly on these pages.

Please join me on this journey. ┬áLet’s walk this path together and get to know the Creator of the universe in such an intimate way that we will forever be changed!